The restaurant’s bar offers a wide assortment of drinks among which a special place is given to the “freshes” – fresh juices are the pride of Mediterranean cuisine and possess significant restorative and health properties.

Magic comfort and charming refinement of a hookah VIP-zone with a terrace will be appreciated by the real judges of the East.

It is literally everywhere in the floatel that you’ll find pleasant oriental pastry compliments waiting for you: biscuits, sweets, fruit. And a charming hospitality of lobby-bar will give you a feeling of absolute comfort.

The eastern lightness of summer patio-cafe refreshes and surrounds with an excellent river landscape. Forget about a routine and enjoy the moments of carelessness.

The restaurant’s menu offers the selected masterpieces of Mediterranean cuisine. Moreover, just make a wish – and the cooks of Pharaoh will make your favorite meal on your request. With attentiveness and high professionalism, we will do everything to indulge your taste!

Restaurant and bar

We invite you to plunge into the unforgettable atmosphere of relaxation, created by an excellent Mediterranean cuisine and a first-class service of the Pharaoh restaurant!

The Pharaoh restaurant offers the selected masterpieces of Mediterranean cuisine []. Combining the wine-making and gastronomic traditions of South, Mediterranean cuisine is one of most popular in the world and is considered to be exceptionally healthy. Richness and local color of southern lands are incarnated in the brightest culinary variety: abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, moderate amount of meat and fish and, of course, olive oil as a basic source of fats. Due to a perfect combination of very simple and natural components and unsurpassed cooking skills, the refined, delicious and very healthy meals are created. So it is not without a reason that in Mediterranean countries food has been a cult for such a long time!

Orientally luxurious and at the same time modern, the restaurant hall accommodates up to 80 people and offers all conditions for celebrations of a rulers’ class!

Banquet – a classic and traditional form of conducting a celebration – is a very important event that should be entrusted to professionals. Especially for you, the managers of the Pharaoh Floatel will create an individual menu, adorn the hall of festivity, decorate the banquet tables and, of course, they will provide you with the highest level of service.

Appropriate both for business and private meetings, buffet is very popular on seminars, conferences and corporate celebrations. Diverse menu and a refined table decoration will create a charming atmosphere for informal communication and will stay in your guests’ memories for a long time.

We offer a whole spectrum of services in organizing the corporate presentations and conferences. Capacious hall, modern equipment, preparation of all necessary materials, decorative design of tables and organization of buffet-lunches – professionals of Pharaoh know the secret of conducting a successful business meeting.

The success of any event – whether it is a conference, a business meeting or a presentation – depends on how comfortable guests are feeling themselves. Therefore, a break for a cup of coffee and a piece of aromatic pastry is a necessary part of any business event. And our managers will take care of everything – from the decoration and menu to the professional inventory.

We offer you to release yourself from a load of uneasy, although pleasant troubles and to pass the entire bustle, connected with organization of this celebration, to us. Designing the place of a banquet, developing a detailed wedding scenario, finding a host, deciding on the entertainment program and creating an individual menu – our managers will do everything for your wedding to become a truly unforgettable event.

Providing the enormous restaurant and terrace spaces, a delightful environment, the most modern equipment, possibility of setting a special illumination and audio technology, and, of course, its high professionalism, Pharaoh creates perfect conditions for conduction of fashion shows and other elite events.

If you plan a family or a corporate celebration, but don’t have any time, possibility or desire to organize it, the Pharaoh restaurant is always at your call. Sampling, creation of an individual menu, decoration of festive tables, high-quality and attentive service – when choosing our catering, you get maximum pleasure with minimum efforts.