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Giya Kancheli

Giya Kancheli  is a Georgian composer resident in Belgium.
Kancheli is his country's most famous living composer and arguably its best-known cultural export. His music is very communicative and immediate and often has a spiritual quality, which leads some to compare him (not always helpfully) to composers such as Arvo Part and John Tavener. There are several instances of folk and religious inspiration in his music, notably in the opening to the Third Symphony or his more recent work Magnum Ignotum, but the effect of Georgian folk elements on his style is in spirit rather than substance, should not be overemphasised. He has written music for dozens of films, many of them well-known in the Russian-speaking world but virtually unknown outside it, such as Georgi Daneliya's sci-fi cult hit Kin-dza-dza!.



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